Friday, November 25, 2011

New Features in Visual Studio 2012

Hi Friends,
I am eagerly waiting for the latest version of the visual studio. Meanwhile I came to know that some cool features that are included in the latest version(It might be rumors). Here are some of the new features:

  • Code window re size
With this New feature we can Maximize the code window and minimize it as and when required. This can be set On or Off to get a more workspace or to see all other windows at a time.

  • Edit code while it executes
This is the most important features which we wanted to be included int our application that we can edit the code at run time using the break points, and the compiler will take care of newly added part. This was the common in the time of VB6.

  • *Automatically add semicolons.
By this the Semicolon and the Braces will be added automatically in our code.

  • Advanced copy and pasting of code
It will also help you to adjust the code you have pasted as per your current requirement, it will judge which value need to be returned and what must be the control name.

  • Evil Code Monkey
If there is any code that is very poorly written a suggestion will appear and will point to the part of code that need to be written again in a well manner.

  • Add Reference dialog
And importantly the process of adding the new reference to the application will become much faster and intelligent.

I hope we will see all of the above mentioned features in the new Visual studio 2012 version. Which will make the developers life more simpler and easier. All the best.

Anil Kumar Pandey