Friday, February 5, 2010

Become a part of UID project(Govt of Inda)

Recently I came to know about this information from our MVP group that there is a chance to be a prt of the Unique Identity Program. Here is the Details share by the MVP india lead Mr. Abhisheak Kant....


You may already be knowing that Govt. of India (GoI) is in the process of implementing the Unique Identification project for whole of India. For those who don’t know what it is, here is the link to their website:

The face of the project is Mr. Nandan Nilekani and the project has been regularly making public their progress (and it has been good).

The UID team has come up with a unique opportunity to tap the developer community in the country. They have invited the developer community in India to participate in developing the client software application using Java, C++ or C# for all the standard client operating systems. The developer community includes individual developer(s) or a software development company.

I have attached the official document that has the details of this project. This is one of kind chances to contribute to the nation in a geeky way!

If you or your company is interested in exploring this opportunity, you can send your intention to participate in this collaborative effort to .. if you would like to send this information to your communities, please feel free to do so.

Do let me know in case you/ your company is upto facing this HUGE challenge and are sending your expression of interest to GoI..

You can Download the Details about this in this PDF