Friday, November 25, 2011

New Features in Visual Studio 2012

Hi Friends,
I am eagerly waiting for the latest version of the visual studio. Meanwhile I came to know that some cool features that are included in the latest version(It might be rumors). Here are some of the new features:

  • Code window re size
With this New feature we can Maximize the code window and minimize it as and when required. This can be set On or Off to get a more workspace or to see all other windows at a time.

  • Edit code while it executes
This is the most important features which we wanted to be included int our application that we can edit the code at run time using the break points, and the compiler will take care of newly added part. This was the common in the time of VB6.

  • *Automatically add semicolons.
By this the Semicolon and the Braces will be added automatically in our code.

  • Advanced copy and pasting of code
It will also help you to adjust the code you have pasted as per your current requirement, it will judge which value need to be returned and what must be the control name.

  • Evil Code Monkey
If there is any code that is very poorly written a suggestion will appear and will point to the part of code that need to be written again in a well manner.

  • Add Reference dialog
And importantly the process of adding the new reference to the application will become much faster and intelligent.

I hope we will see all of the above mentioned features in the new Visual studio 2012 version. Which will make the developers life more simpler and easier. All the best.

Anil Kumar Pandey

Monday, November 7, 2011

Windows Mango smartphone by HTC

Microsoft India has unveiled its second Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone, HTC Radar, in India. The device runs on the most recent version of Windows Phone code-named Mango.

Microsoft claims to have added over 500 new features in Windows Phone 7.5. Of these the key additions are: Custom ringtones, visual voicemail, new speech commands, Linked inboxes, conversation view in email, multitasking, video sharing, picture tagging, Smart DJ and sync with SkyDrive.

Another new feature called All Windows Phones, gives users the ability to use any web browser to log in to and locate their lost phone on a map, have it sound the ringer, lock it, or wipe it.

The conventional application icons have been replaced by Live Tiles on the Windows Phone start screen. The Live Tiles come to life with real-time updates from the Web such as news, appointments or the status of friends. The integrated experiences are achieved through 'hubs' which bring together related content into a single view to simplify common tasks. These Hubs include, People, Pictures, Games, Music & Video, MarketPlace and Office.

With Windows Phone 7.5, Microsoft's Web Marketplace also makes its debut in India. This gives Windows Phone users the opportunity to surf for apps online just like Android and iOS users.

HTC Radar sports a 3.8-inch LCD touch screen display and is powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor.

A dedicated camera button provides easy access to the Radar's 5-megapixel camera, even if the smartphone is locked. It comes in at 4.7 by 2.4 by 0.4 inches, and has 8GB of on-board storage. It packs 1520 mAh non-removable battery, which is claimed to last up to 10 hours of talktime on GSM and up to 8 hours on 3G. The smartphone is priced at Rs 23,999.

Another Windows Phone 7.5 phone unveiled recently is Samsung Omnia W i8350. The smartphone is priced at Rs 19,990.

Source by Times of INDIA. Read the main article here.

Anil Kumar Pandey
Microsoft MVP, Microsoft MCC

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hattrick of MVP Award!!!!!!

Hi Friends,
I am very very happy to inform you all that I have got the prestigious MVP award for the third time in a row. I am feeling top of the world now. I would like to thanks all my friends who sup[ported me to be a active member in the community. Here is the email which I got from Microsoft yesterday.

Dear Anil Pandey,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2011 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Visual C# technical communities during the past year.

The Microsoft MVP Award provides us the unique opportunity to celebrate and honor your significant contributions and say "Thank you for your technical leadership."

Toby Richards
General Manager
Community & Online Support

Thanks every one who supported me all the time. Thanks a lot.

Anil Kumar Pandey
MVP Visual C#

New MVP Announced for October 2011

Hi Friends,
Here are the names new MVP that are announced for the October 2011 quarter. There are only 4 out of which 3 are for ASP.NET.

1. Sheo Narayan – ASP.NET
2. Karthikeyan Anbarasan – ASP.NET
3. Lohith G. Nagaraj – ASP.NET
4. Mohana Krishna Yadav – Dynamics NAV

And below are the name of the MVP's who will join the community as alumni.

1. Anand Naranswamy

2. Ashish Khandelwal

3. Amit Agarwal

4. Jijo Raj

5. Madhur Verma

6. Radhakrishna MV

7. Vijay Samavedam

8. Shanmuga Sundara Raman

9. Sumit Datta

10. Uday Kumar Ethirajulu

11. Venkata RaviKumar Pidikiti

12. Vijay Mukhi

13. Abhishek Bhatnagar

14. Amit Bhawani

15. Ankur Mittal

16. Abhishek Joshi

17. Vishal Gupta

18. Omkarnath Pathak

I would like to wish all the new and Renewed MVP. Keep rocking in the community.


Anil Kumar Pandey

Friday, August 26, 2011

IE9 Most Secure Browser (NSS LAB)

Internet Explorer 9 blocks 99% malware attacks: NSS Lab study!

IE9 continues to protect consumers

With one third of internet users in Asia-Pacific alone becoming victims of threats like malware, the need for online security is more relevant than ever. To address these online concerns, Microsoft created their latest browser Internet Explorer 9, which provides a safe, secure yet beautiful and speedy browsing experience. Today, NSS Labs released two reports which show that SmartScreen feature in Internet Explorer continues to offer industry leading protection against socially engineered malware. As per the report “Internet Explorer 9 blocks an exceptional 99% malware. 96% of the live threats were caught with SmartScreen URL reputation in IE9, and an additional 3.2% with Application Reputation.”

What’s more, since the October 2010 NSS report, the average time taken by SmartScreen filter to block a threat has gotten 28% faster, if Application Reputation is considered, then the average time has improved by 85%. The graph below compares the test results from various browsers and shows that Internet Explorer blocks 5X more malware than competitive browsers.

The other reports looked at socially engineered malware targeted towards people living in Asia Pacific region and in Europe. As you can see below, in each region the results remained consistent – Internet Explorer 9 maintains a lead in protecting users from live threats.

* You check out the entire web browser security report by NSS Labs by clicking here:

It is no surprise that a browser is the first line of defense against attacks from the web and it plays an important role to help keep you safe online. Internet Explorer is designed with your security and privacy in mind. The new browser has a robust set of built-in security, privacy, and reliability technologies that helps keep consumers safe and their browsing experience virtually uninterrupted. With IE9, we have introduced new functionalities like Tracking Protection, Tracking Protection Lists, ActiveX Filtering to name a few. IE9 makes browsing the web even safer & protected experience from here on.

IE9 has received positive feedback from consumers globally. As of today, Internet Explorer 9 has over 18% usage share worldwide on Windows 7. You can download Internet Explorer 9 to see how you can enjoy a more beautiful – and trusted web!


Anil Kumar Pandey

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Asynchronous Programming in C#

Hi All,

A few days back I was searching the roadmap for the new C#5.0, I come up with a MSDN article which was describing the "Asynchronous" method. The another way of programming for the Asynchronous operation. I saw a White paper on this technology, so I am just presenting the content of the same in front of you.

Definition : -

When your user interface is unresponsive or your server doesn’t scale, chances are you need your code to be more asynchronous. With today’s .NET Framework and language features, though, that is easier said than done.

The Microsoft Visual Studio Async CTP proposes a new language feature in C# and VB, and a new framework pattern to go with it, that will make asynchronous programming similar to – and about as straightforward as –synchronous programming.

For decades programming with remote resources has presented a conundrum. As the level of abstraction in “local” programming has been steadily rising, there has been a push for transparency of remote operations – they should look just like local ones, so that a developer doesn't need to grapple with conceptual overhead, architectural impedance mismatch and leaky abstractions.

The problem is that remote operations are different from local ones. They have orders of magnitude more latency even at the best of times, may fail in new ways or simply never come back, depend on a variety of external factors beyond the developer’s control or even perception, etc. So while they can be represented like “just method calls,” it is not desirable to do so because the developer is left without handles to manage the special conditions arising from their remoteness – managing cancellation and timeouts, preserving threading resources during blocking waits, predicting and handling threats to responsiveness, etc.

On .NET we have not ignored this challenge. In fact we have not just one butseveral patterns for how to do asynchronous programming; that is, dealing with I/O and similar high latency operations without blocking threads. Most often there is both a synchronous (i.e. blocking transparently) and an asynchronous (i.e. latency-explicit) way of doing things. The problem is that these current patterns are very disruptive to program structure, leading to exceedingly complex and error prone code or (more commonly) developers giving up and using the blocking approach, taking a responsiveness and performance hit instead.

The goal should be to bring the asynchronous development experience as close to the synchronous paradigm as possible, without letting go of the ability to handle the asynchrony-specific situations. Asynchrony should be explicit and non-transparent, but in a very lightweight and non-disruptive manner. Composability, abstraction and control structures should all work as simply and intuitively as with synchronous code.

This is the goal of the features of the Async CTP.

public int SumPageSizes(IList<Uri> uris) {

int total = 0;
foreach (var uri in uris) {
statusText.Text = string.Format("Found {0} bytes ...", total);
var data = new WebClient().DownloadData(uri);
total += data.Length;
statusText.Text = string.Format("Found {0} bytes total", total);
return total;

What Might be the Good approach for the saeme??The problem: Asynchronous code totally blows up your control flow. The call you back part needs a callback – a delegate describing what comes after. But what if you wanted to “wait” inside a while loop? An if statement? A try block orusing block? How do you then describe “what comes after”?

Look at this simple example:

public async Task<int> SumPageSizesAsync(IList<Uri> uris) {
int total = 0;
foreach (var uri in uris) {
statusText.Text = string.Format("Found {0} bytes ...", total);
var data = await new WebClient().DownloadDataAsync(uri);
total += data.Length;
statusText.Text = string.Format("Found {0} bytes total", total);
return total;

Notice first how similar it is to the synchronous code. The highlighted parts are added, the rest stays the same. The control flow is completely unaltered, and there are no callbacks in sight. That doesn’t mean that there are no callbacks, but the compiler takes care of creating and signing them up, as we shall see.

The method is asynchronous by virtue of returning a Task instead of an int. The Task andTask types are in the framework today, and are good at representing ongoing work. The caller of SumPageSizesAsync can later use the returned Task to inquire whether the work is complete, wait for the int result synchronously or sign up callbacks to get it when it is ready. So instead of taking a callback as a parameter, an asynchronous method now returns a representation of the ongoing work.

The asynchronous method has no extra parameters. By convention and to distinguish it from its synchronous counterpart (if we keep that in our code) we append “Async” to the method name.

The method is also marked as async. This means that the method body is compiled specially, allowing parts of it to be turned into callbacks, and automatically creating theTask that is returned.

Hope You have liked this peiece of infrmation, I thought it might be useful for all the developers. You can read the complete White paper from the below location. WhitePaper

Please Do Post Your Comment on the same.


Anil Kumar Pandey


Friday, July 8, 2011

Google + (New Features)

The latest sensation in the social networking field these days is the Google new product that is Google +. The Google + is launched recently by Google to overcome the fame of FB as every one is knowing that the Facebook too came in the market by overcoming the Google old social networking product that is ORKUT. The Google also try to capture the market with some other products like "Buzz", and "Wave", but Google wasn't succeed. Now this time Google came up with another product that they are saying that gone become more popular than the Facebook.

To try the product in the market the Beta version of the application is release and for joining or creating the Google+ circle you must need an INVITATION, yeah you guess it right the same funda that Google has adopted at the time when it launches the grate product that is GMAIL. Google has sent a few request to some of its user to join the circle and send there feed back. Luckily I too have got an Invitation from one of my India's friend. And I manage to create an account in the Google+, at the first look it look very Interesting and Exciting, I like the way the User interface is designed for the same.

After searching a lot about the new features that Google's say that they will leads us to become the market leader in the social networking fields, I come up with some. And I think these features are missing from the face book. Google Plus come up with the idea that we do not want to share every thing with every one so there are ways using that we can create various categories in the network to mange our contacts separately. Below are some of them.

1. Easy sharing of things among Circles

Circles of Google+ gives us the facility to sort out our close one very quickly unlike facebook. We can easily customize the groups even though we can also do it in Facebook but there is a limited option present. In Google+ we can select the Friends easily but clicking nthe images of the friends we want to share the post.

2. Video Chat option (Hangouts)

This is the most exciting feature in any of the Social networking site that was missing, and even not there in face book till now. recently Facebook also announce to add the features in the site with the help of Skype. But Google come up with the idea first. Using this we can plan an Outing who's name given by Google as "Hangout" we can communicates Live with video chat with our circle friends to chat and discuss live on any event planing.

3.YouTube video sharing

This is the cool new features that let the user not only video chat but can also share the YouTube video real time. The Google plus having a control using which we can share the video we are watching live with all our connected friends.

4. Spark

Spark is also a cool new feature of Gogle+ that let us arrange our intrest and liking in a good manner. The facebook too have this like feature but that is not that uch powerful than this SPARK. Using Spark we can have the Articles, News, Blogs of our own intrest in the site. We can easily arrange them and can share them with any of the circles in our account.

5. Cloud

This features lets us to upload any of the photos or video to the Google Cloud system and we can upload them to our profile any time we want to share them. The intermediate storing in the system is a good option as some time we doesn't have the complete information to share but we want to store what ever we have currently. Thus using Cloud Google let it possible

6. Delete Account

At the end the important feature we can close the account any time we want and there is no restriction at all we can simply delete the account from the site completely. However in Facebook doesn't let you delete the account completely the friends can again invite us to join the network.

I think these features are enough to divert any ones attention, so I must say get an Invite from any one of your friend that is already got one invitation and create you circle. I Hope you will enjoy all this new features and join Google+ just like me. Please do send your feedback to me.


Anil Kumar Pandey

Friday, July 1, 2011

New MVP's for July 2011

Hello Friends,

I am very happy to see the list of new MVP for the July 2011 Quarter. This time the list is a bit long.. Congratulations Guys..I would like to welcome the following MVPs amongst the elite south Asia MVP group.

Ajay Vijayvargiya

Visual C++

Awinish Vishwakarma

Directory Services

Jivtesh Singh

Dynamics GP


Connected System Developer

Pavan Pareta

Device Application Development

Abhimanyu Singhal

Visual Studio ALM

Ashutosh Singh

SharePoint Server

Sapna Shukla


Shabbir Ahmed

Exchange Server

Ashish Koul


Brij Bhushan Mishra


Siddharth Rout

Visual Basic

Pratik Vyas

SharePoint Server

Dhirendra R. Yadav

SharePoint Server

And here are the list of MVP's which we would like to give a very warm farewell. Like to see you guys soon in the List.

Deepak Kumar Vasudevan


Satheesh Babu


Rajesh R Subramanian

Visual C++

Suresh M. Chandren

Windows Expert-IT Pro

Krishnan Rajagopal


Praveen Kumar

Client App Dev

Kalpesh J Parmar

Client App Dev

Vidhya Sagar

SQL Server

Arjun Paudel

Visual Basic

Sateesh Arveti

Visual C#

Nitin Gupta

Exchange Server

Meetu Choudhary


Rajesh Sitaraman

SharePoint Server

Ramesh Swaminathan


Vinoth Rajagopalan

Windows Embedded

Krishna Kumar R


A MVP is always an MVP! For all other MVP's friend who's name is not in the farewell list, this simply means that there status has been renewed.. SO Congrats again.


Anil Kumar Pandey