Thursday, December 16, 2010

Abbreviation for Twitter, FB and Texting

Hello Friends,
Now a days almost every one used Face Book, Twitter or SMS, the very common language used in all these are the abbreviated for of the Words. Most of the peoples know these few words and lot more is unknown. While surfing on net I come across a web site where so many abbreviation were specified, so I am presenting some of the Words here which you can read and come to know...

Abbreviation Meaning
404 I haven't a clue
A3 Anyplace, anywhere, anytime
ADN Any day now
AFAIK As far as I know
AFK Away from keyboard
ARE Acronym-rich environment
ASAP As soon as possible
A/S/L? Age/sex/location?
B4N Bye for now
BAK Back at the keyboard
BAS Big a** smile
BBIAB Be back in a bit
BBL Be back later
BBN Bye bye now
BBS Be back soon
BEG Big evil grin
BF Boy friend
BFD Big f***ing deal
BFN Bye for now
BG Big grin
BIBO Beer in, beer out
BIOYIOP Blow it out your I/O port
BL Belly laughing

BMGWL Busting my gut with laughter
BOTEC Back-of-the-envelope calculation
BRB Be right back
BTA But then again...
BTDT Been there, done that
BTW By the way
BWL Bursting with laughter
BWTHDIK But what the heck do I know...?
CICO Coffee in, coffee out
C&G Chuckle and grin
CNP Continued in next post
CRB Come right back
CRBT Crying real big tears
CU See you
CUL See you later
CUL8ER See you later
CYA See ya
CYA Cover your ass
CYO See you online
DBA Doing business as
DFLA Disenhanced four-letter acronym (that is, a TLA)
DL Dead link
DLTBBB Don't let the bed bugs bite
DIKU Do I know you?
DITYID Did I tell you I'm distressed?
DOM Dirty old man
DOS Dozing off soon
DQMOT Don't quote me on this
DTRT Do the right thing
DWB Don't write back
E2E exchange to exchange
E2E e-business to e-business
E2E employee to employee
E2E end to end
EG Evil grin
EMFBI Excuse me for butting in
EMSG E-mail message
EOM End of message
EOT End of thread (meaning: end of discussion)
ESAD Eat s**t and die
ETLA Extended three-letter acronym (that is, an FLA)
EWG evil wicked grin
F2F Face to face
FAQ Frequently-ask question(s)
FC Fingers crossed
FISH First in, still here
FLA Four-letter acronym
FMTYEWTK Far more than you ever wanted to know
FOMCL Falling off my chair laughing
FTBOMH From the bottom of my heart
FUBAR F***ed up beyond all repair or recognition
FUD Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
FWIW For what it's worth
FYI For your information
G Grin
GA Go ahead
GAL Get a life
GIGO Garbage in, garbage out
GD&R Grinning, ducking, and running
GF Girlfriend
GFN Gone for now
GGP Gotta go pee
GIWIST Gee, I wish I'd said that
GL Good luck
GMAB Give me a break
GMTA Great minds think alike
GOL Giggling out loud
GTRM Going to read mail
GTSY Glad to see you
H&K Hug and kiss
HAGN Have a good night
HAND Have a nice day
HHIS Hanging head in shame
HIG How's it going
HT Hi there
HTH Hope this helps
HUB Head up butt
IAC In any case
IAE In any event
IANAL I am not a lawyer (but)
IAW I agree with or In accordance with
IC I see
IGP I gotta pee
IHA I hate acronyms
IHU I hear you
IIRC If I recall/remember/recollect correctly
ILU or ILY I love you
IM Immediate message
IMCO In my considered opinion
IMHO In my humble opinion
IMing Chatting with someone online usually while doing other things such as playing trivia or other interactive game
IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion
IMO In my opinion
IMS I am sorry
IOW In other words
IPN I'm posting naked
IRL In real life (that is, when not chatting)
ITA I totally agree
ITIGBS I think I'm going to be sick
IWALU I will always love you
IYSWIM If you see what I mean
J4G Just for grins
JBOD Just a bunch of disks (like redundant array of independent disks, etc.)
JIC Just in case
JK or j/k Just kidding
JMO Just my opinion
JTLYK Just to let you know
k ok
KISS Keep it simple stupid
KIT Keep in touch
KOTC Kiss on the cheek
KOTL Kiss on the lips
KWIM? Know what I mean?
L8R Later
L8R G8R Later gator
LD Later, dude
LDR Long-distance relationship
LHO Laughing head off
LLTA Lots and lots of thunderous applause
LMAFO Laughing my f**king a** off
LMAO Laughing my a** off
LMSO Laughing my socks off
LOL Laughing out loud
LRF Little Rubber Feet (the little pads on the bottom of displays and other equipment)
LSHMBH Laughing so hard my belly hurts
LTM Laugh to myself
LTNS Long time no see
LTR Long-term relationship
LULAB Love you like a brother
LULAS Love you like a sister
LUWAMH Love you with all my heart
LY Love ya
LY4E Love ya forever
MorF Male or female
MOSS Member of the same sex
MOTOS Member of the opposite sex
MTF More to follow
MUSM Miss you so much
NADT Not a darn thing
NFG No f*****g good
NFW No feasible way or no f*****g way
NIFOC Naked in front of computer
NP or N/P No problem
NRN No response necessary
OIC Oh, I see
OLL Online love
OMG Oh my God
OTF Off the floor
OTOH On the other hand
OTTOMH Off the top of my head
PANS Pretty awesome new stuff (as opposed to "POTS")
PAW Parents are watching
PCMCIA People can't master computer industry acronyms
PDA Public display of affection
PEBCAK Problem exists between chair and keyboard
PIBKAC Problem is between keyboard and chair
PITA Pain in the ass
PM Private message
PMFJIB Pardon me for jumping in but...
POAHF Put on a happy face
::POOF:: Goodbye (leaving the room)
POTS Plain old telephone service
PU That stinks!
QT Cutie
RL Real life (that is, when not chatting)
ROR Raffing out roud (Engrish for "laughing out loud")
ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
ROTFLMAOWPIMP Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off while peeing in my pants
ROTFLMBO Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off
RPG Role-playing games
RSN Real soon now
RT Real time
RTFM Read the f***ing manual
RYO Roll your own (write your own program; derived from cigarettes rolled yourself with tobacco and paper)
S^ S'up - what's up
S4L Spam for life (what you may get when you become someone's customer or client)
SHCOON Shoot hot coffee out of nose
SEG S***-eating grin
SETE Smiling ear to ear
SF Surfer-friendly (low-graphics Web site)
SHID Slaps head in disgust
SNAFU Situation normal, all f***ed up
SO Significant other
SOL Smilling out loud or sh*t out of luck
SOMY Sick of me yet?
SOT Short on time
SOTMG Short on time must go
STFU Shut the f**k up
STFW Search the f*****g Web
STW Search the Web
SU Shut up
SUAKM Shut up and kiss me
SUP What's up
SWAG Stupid wild-a** guess
SWAK Sealed with a kiss
SWL Screaming with laughter
SYS See you soon
TA Thanks again
TAFN That's all for now
TANSTAAFL There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TCOY Take care of yourself
TFH Thread from hell (a discussion that just won't die and is often irrelevant to the purpose of the forum or group)
TGIF Thank God it's Friday
THX Thanks
TIA Thanks in advance (used if you post a question and are expecting a helpful reply)
TILII Tell it like it is
TLA Three-letter acronym
TLK2UL8R Talk to you later
TB4U Too bad for you
TMI Too much information
TNT Till next time
TOPCA Til our paths cross again (early Celtic chat term)
TOY Thinking of you
TPTB The powers that be
TTFN Ta-Ta for now
TTT Thought that, too (when someone types in what you were about to type)
TTYL Talk to you later
TU Thank you
TY Thank you
TYVM Thank you very much
UAPITA You're a pain in the ass
UAF Until further notice
UW You're welcome
VBG Very big grin
VBSEG Very big s***-eating grin
WAG Wild a** guess
WAYD What are you doing
WB Welcome back
WBS Write back soon
WDALYIC Who died and left you in charge?
WEG Wicked evil grin
WFM Works for me
WIBNI Wouldn't it be nice if
WT? What/who the ?
WTF What the F***!
WTFO What the F***! Over!
WTG Way to go!
WTGP? Want to go private?
WU? What's up?
WUF? Where are you from?
WYSIWYG What you see is what you get
YBS You'll be sorry
YGBSM You gotta be s***tin' me!
YMMV Your mileage may vary.
YW You're welcome

The Source of the Information is here


Anil Kumar Pandey
MVP (Visual C# 2009-2010)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get No. of Users On-line in Membership

Hello all,
In our web application many times we need to display, that how many numbers of users are on-line, This is become quite easy if we are making use of ASP.Net Membership in our application. The Membership is having a function which directly gives us the no. of users on-line in the web site. "Membership.GetNumberOfUsersOnline(); " this function gives us the list of users on-line.

Here is a implementation of this code in c#

System.Collections.Generic.List<string> lstUserOnline = new System.Collections.Generic.List<string>();

int intUsersOnline = Membership.GetNumberOfUsersOnline();

foreach(MembershipUser usr in Membership.GetAllUsers())

//Bind the List to the ListBox
ListBox1.DataSource = lstUserOnline;

But there are some cases which are hard to track, that Suppose if any users have Closed his browser window without Logging out from the application, in that the Users remains On-line so it will also come under the list. So to avoid this issue up to some extent we can make use of logout time setting in the web config file, where we can easily set the time-out for a user, if he is not active any more. The entry will be like this.

<membership defaultProvider="SqlProvider"
<add name="SqlProvider"
applicationName="MyApplication" />

Hope You have like this small piece of code. Please feel free to post the comment or any issue regarding this code.

Anil Kumar Pandey
MVP (Visual C# 2009-2010)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Silverlight 5 Plans

Hello All,
I got this news from one of my fellow Silverlight MVP, that the Microsoft is planning for the new version of silver light that is Version 5, with some new features and capability for helping the developer to create some good application.. I have seen the Blog of Timheuer here is the Blog link from where I have got these information.

Here are some of the features For the Media side

  • Hardware Decode and presentation of H.264 media
  • “TrickPlay” allows video to be played at different speeds and supports fast-forward and rewind. At up to twice the speed, audio pitch correction allows users to watch videos while preserving a normal audio pitch.
  • Improved power awareness prevents the screen saver from being shown while watching video and allows the computer to sleep when video is not active.
  • Remote-control support allowing users to control media playback.
  • Digital rights management advancements allow seamless switching between DRM media sources.

And In the Application Development side.

  • Fluid user interface enables smoother animation within the UI. Layout transitions allow developers to specify animations to apply when elements are added, removed or re-ordered within a layout. This provides smoother user experiences when, for example, items are inserted into a list.
  • Text improvements make it possible to build rich magazine-style text layouts:
    • Multicolumn text and linked text container allow text to flow around other elements.
    • Tracking/leading set precisely how far apart each character is for full creative control.
    • Text clarity is improved with Pixel Snapping.
    • Text layout performance is significantly improved.
    • OpenType support has been enhanced.
  • Support for Postscript vector printing enables users to create reports and documents, including the ability to create a virtual print view different from what is shown on the screen.
  • Applications can now work the way users expect with added support for double-click and ComboBox type ahead.
  • Databinding enhancements allow more work to be done more easily via XAML:
    • Debugging support now allows breakpoints to be set on a binding, so you can step through binding failures.
    • Implicit DataTemplates allow templates to be created across an application to support a particular type by default.
    • Ancestor RelativeSource allows, for example, a DataTemplate to bind to a property on the control that contains it.
    • Binding in style setters allows bindings to be used within styles to reference other properties.
    • The DataContextChanged event is being introduced. Markup extensions allow code to be run at XAML parse time for both properties and event handlers, enabling cutting-edge MVVM support.
  • Networking and Windows Communication Foundation enhancements:
    • Reduced network latency by using a background thread for networking.
    • WS-Trust support: Security Assertion Markup Language authentication token.
  • Silverlight 5 performance improvements include these:
    • Reduced network latency by using a background thread for networking.
    • XAML parser improvements that speed up startup and runtime performance.
    • Support for 64-bit operating systems.
  • Graphics improvements
    • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) accelerated 3-D application programming interface (API) provides rich graphics on the Web for building advanced data visualizations and rich user experience (UI).
    • Immediate mode graphics API allows direct rendering to the GPU.
    • Hardware acceleration is enabled in windowless mode with Internet Explorer 9.
  • Silverlight offers a new class of trusted applications that brings desktop capabilities to the browser for the first time. These features, when enabled via a group policy registry key and an application certificate, mean users won’t need to leave the browser to perform complex tasks:
    • Host HTML content as a Web browser control within the Silverlight application. HTML pages, such as help content or e-mail, can be integrated within the application.
    • Read and write files to the user’s My Documents folder, making it easier to find media files or create local copies of reports.
    • Launch Microsoft Office and other desktop programs. Users can open Microsoft Outlook and create an e-mail message, or send a report to Word utilizing the power of Office.
    • Access devices and other system capabilities by calling into application COM components. Users can access a USB security card reader or a bar-code scanner.
    • Enjoy full keyboard support in full screen, which enables richer kiosk and media viewing applications.
    • Call existing unmanaged code directly from within Silverlight with P/Invoke.
  • Out-of-browser trusted applications are further enhanced:
    • Existing unmanaged code can be called directly from within Silverlight with P/Invoke.
    • Child Window support allows multiple windows to be launched from the application.

You can read the detail article on this blog Here. And please post your comment and suggestion so that we can forward it to the silver light team.

Anil Kumar Pandey
MVP (Visual C#)

Monday, November 22, 2010

HTML 5 Rocks!

Hello Guys,
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the base of NET based programing, we came across several version of HTML in past years, Now we are having the latest version of the HTML that is HTML5. Here are the Evolution of HTML

1991---- HTML
1994---- HTML 2
1996----- CSS 1 + JavaScript
1997 -------HTML 4
1998------ CSS 2
2000---- XHTML 1
2002 -----Tableless Web Design
2005 ------AJAX
2009------ HTML 5

As you all know that HTML 5 is going to rock the INTERNET World soon. The new HTML5 is the combination of the 3 powerful technology that are HTML, CSS & JS API that means


While Surfing on net for HTML5 I came across a very good site that is describing the new feature of HTML5 is a very good manner you can have a look at this site.

Please take a look and check the details and feature of the Rocking HTML5.

Anil Kumar Pandey
MVP (Visual C#)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Binding Silverlight DataGrid with XML file

Hello All,
In this article I would like to discuss about binding value to a Silver light DataGrid. As we know that there is no direct support for the Dataset or DataTable in the Silver light, so how can we bind the grid??? See there are multiple option for binding the grid in silver light either we can use the-
  1. 1. Collection of the Item Class,
  2. or a Dictionary or
  3. we can also use a XML File
In this article I am going to describe the way to bind a XML file that is present in the server Side, that means a User XML file can be bind to the grid in the Silver light form.Here I am Making use of LINQ to read the data from XMl file.

first We Will see that how can we access the XML file and its element. Please check the below Code.

private void getDatFromXML()
Uri newURL = new Uri("mydata.xml", UriKind.Relative);
WebClient cnt = new WebClient();
cnt.DownloadStringCompleted += new DownloadStringCompletedEventHandler(cnt_DownloadStringCompleted);

Private void cnt_DownloadStringCompleted(object sender, DownloadStringCompletedEventArgs e)
dataGrid1.ItemsSource = ReadListItem(e.Result);

public List<Item> ReadListItem(string xmlContent)
List<Item> il = new List<Item>();
XElement doc = XElement.Parse(xmlContent);
il = (from ele in doc.Elements()
select GetItem(ele)).ToList();
return il;

You have seen that how first we downloaded the file from the server machine and then reading its content to bind the Grid. Here ReadListItem is a generic function which returns us the LIST ITEM collection, the collection can be easily bind to the Silver light data grid. We just have to set the ItemSource property of the Silver Light Data Grid. like.

dataGrid1.ItemsSource = ReadListItem(e.Result);

I hope you have Got the Idea. Please look at the XAML part of the XML file that how the content looks.

<UserControl x:Class="DataBinding.MainPage" xmlns="" xmlns:x=""
xmlns:d="" xmlns:mc="" mc:Ignorable="d"
d:DesignHeight="513" d:DesignWidth="662" xmlns:sdk="">

<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" Height="600" Width="600">
<sdk:DataGrid AutoGenerateColumns="False" Height="200" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="20,30,0,0" Name="dataGrid1" VerticalAlignment="Top"Width="450" />

Hope You Understood the Way to bind the DataGrid in Silver light by a XML file. Please feel free to post the comments.

Anil Kumar Pandey
MVP (Visual C#)

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Features of Visual c# 4.0

Hello All,
One of my MVP friend has written a very beautiful articles on the latest features of the Visual C# 4.0. I would like to share with you, Please follow the below link and read this article. I hope you will like that.

Hope you will like this.

Thanks & Regards,
Anil Kumar Pandey
MVP Visual C#

Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Forum Supporter Award

Hello All,
I am very happy to share this that I have been selected as a Best Forum Supporter for the leading .Net technical site DNS for the 7th time. Thanks to all my friends and well wisher. Keep supporting me.

Here is the Award soft copy.

Anil Kumar Pandey
Microsft MVP C# (2009-10,2010-11)
Mumbai, INDIA

Friday, October 22, 2010

InitParameters In Silverlight

Hello friends,
Today I am going to discuss about the InitParameters. These are used to pass some initial value from the aspx page to our silverlight page. In some situation there is a need to pass some values to our silverlight page using our calling page of aspx. Silverlight handles this situation using the INITPARAMETERS. Using the InitParameters is very easy.

The value which we have passed using the parameters can be accessed inside the application start-up event of the app.xaml file. Either we can pass the parameter using the XAML or we can also pass these parameters using the code. the below are the sample for Doing so.

We can directly pass the parameters in the aspx page from where we have defined our XAP file to be called on that page like.


Or by the code like this.


And for receiving these paramter Open the App.Xaml file and look for the below event

private void Application_Startup(object sender, StartupEventArgs e)
this.RootVisual = new MainPage();

In the Above function use the below code to access the parameters passed by the page.

      string Param1 =   e.InitParams[ "Name" ];
      string Param2 =   e.InitParams[ "Country" ];

We have to make use of the string variables to store the value of the paramters. so the above function will be like this.

private void Application_Startup(object sender, StartupEventArgs e)
this.RootVisual = new MainPage();
         string Param1 =   e.InitParams[ "Name" ];
         string Param2 =   e.InitParams[ "Country" ];

Isn't its Simple. I hope You have liked this sample. I will come up with some new samples on WPF and Silverlight. Please post your comment and let me know what else example you would like to see in the next articles..

Anil Kumar Pandey
Microsft MVP C# (2009-10,2010-11)
Mumbai, INDIA

Friday, October 1, 2010

MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

Hello All,
I am very happy to inform you all that I got the most prestigious award from Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the second year. I am feeling top of the world, I would like to thanks all my friends and well wishers you supported me in each moment of my life,I would like to have the tremendous support in future also and thanks to the almighty GOD also.

I promise to continue provide the help to technical community as what ever I am now is because of that only..I Would also like to congratulate all the fellow MVPs whop are selected for this Quarter here are the list for the new members who have joined the MVP community.

VenkataRaviKumar Pidikiti

Directory Services

Rajendra Dewani

Commerce Server

Omkarnath Phatak

Visual Basic

Ashish Khandelwal

Visual C#

Kamlesh Rao

SharePoint Server

Udayakumar Ethirajulu

SharePoint Server

Ayush Jain


Vijaysaradhi Samavedam

Windows Desktop Experience

Niraj Bhat

Windows Azure

Sivakumar Venkataraman

Dynamics GP

Mahender Pal

Dynamics CRM

Vishnu Tiwari


Kunal Chowdhury


Amit Bhawani

Windows Desktop Experience

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Windows Desktop Experience

Ratish Sekharan Nair

Exchange Server

Please congratulate all of them for becoming a Community leader.


Anil Kumar Pandey
MVP (2009,2010)