Friday, July 8, 2011

Google + (New Features)

The latest sensation in the social networking field these days is the Google new product that is Google +. The Google + is launched recently by Google to overcome the fame of FB as every one is knowing that the Facebook too came in the market by overcoming the Google old social networking product that is ORKUT. The Google also try to capture the market with some other products like "Buzz", and "Wave", but Google wasn't succeed. Now this time Google came up with another product that they are saying that gone become more popular than the Facebook.

To try the product in the market the Beta version of the application is release and for joining or creating the Google+ circle you must need an INVITATION, yeah you guess it right the same funda that Google has adopted at the time when it launches the grate product that is GMAIL. Google has sent a few request to some of its user to join the circle and send there feed back. Luckily I too have got an Invitation from one of my India's friend. And I manage to create an account in the Google+, at the first look it look very Interesting and Exciting, I like the way the User interface is designed for the same.

After searching a lot about the new features that Google's say that they will leads us to become the market leader in the social networking fields, I come up with some. And I think these features are missing from the face book. Google Plus come up with the idea that we do not want to share every thing with every one so there are ways using that we can create various categories in the network to mange our contacts separately. Below are some of them.

1. Easy sharing of things among Circles

Circles of Google+ gives us the facility to sort out our close one very quickly unlike facebook. We can easily customize the groups even though we can also do it in Facebook but there is a limited option present. In Google+ we can select the Friends easily but clicking nthe images of the friends we want to share the post.

2. Video Chat option (Hangouts)

This is the most exciting feature in any of the Social networking site that was missing, and even not there in face book till now. recently Facebook also announce to add the features in the site with the help of Skype. But Google come up with the idea first. Using this we can plan an Outing who's name given by Google as "Hangout" we can communicates Live with video chat with our circle friends to chat and discuss live on any event planing.

3.YouTube video sharing

This is the cool new features that let the user not only video chat but can also share the YouTube video real time. The Google plus having a control using which we can share the video we are watching live with all our connected friends.

4. Spark

Spark is also a cool new feature of Gogle+ that let us arrange our intrest and liking in a good manner. The facebook too have this like feature but that is not that uch powerful than this SPARK. Using Spark we can have the Articles, News, Blogs of our own intrest in the site. We can easily arrange them and can share them with any of the circles in our account.

5. Cloud

This features lets us to upload any of the photos or video to the Google Cloud system and we can upload them to our profile any time we want to share them. The intermediate storing in the system is a good option as some time we doesn't have the complete information to share but we want to store what ever we have currently. Thus using Cloud Google let it possible

6. Delete Account

At the end the important feature we can close the account any time we want and there is no restriction at all we can simply delete the account from the site completely. However in Facebook doesn't let you delete the account completely the friends can again invite us to join the network.

I think these features are enough to divert any ones attention, so I must say get an Invite from any one of your friend that is already got one invitation and create you circle. I Hope you will enjoy all this new features and join Google+ just like me. Please do send your feedback to me.


Anil Kumar Pandey

Friday, July 1, 2011

New MVP's for July 2011

Hello Friends,

I am very happy to see the list of new MVP for the July 2011 Quarter. This time the list is a bit long.. Congratulations Guys..I would like to welcome the following MVPs amongst the elite south Asia MVP group.

Ajay Vijayvargiya

Visual C++

Awinish Vishwakarma

Directory Services

Jivtesh Singh

Dynamics GP


Connected System Developer

Pavan Pareta

Device Application Development

Abhimanyu Singhal

Visual Studio ALM

Ashutosh Singh

SharePoint Server

Sapna Shukla


Shabbir Ahmed

Exchange Server

Ashish Koul


Brij Bhushan Mishra


Siddharth Rout

Visual Basic

Pratik Vyas

SharePoint Server

Dhirendra R. Yadav

SharePoint Server

And here are the list of MVP's which we would like to give a very warm farewell. Like to see you guys soon in the List.

Deepak Kumar Vasudevan


Satheesh Babu


Rajesh R Subramanian

Visual C++

Suresh M. Chandren

Windows Expert-IT Pro

Krishnan Rajagopal


Praveen Kumar

Client App Dev

Kalpesh J Parmar

Client App Dev

Vidhya Sagar

SQL Server

Arjun Paudel

Visual Basic

Sateesh Arveti

Visual C#

Nitin Gupta

Exchange Server

Meetu Choudhary


Rajesh Sitaraman

SharePoint Server

Ramesh Swaminathan


Vinoth Rajagopalan

Windows Embedded

Krishna Kumar R


A MVP is always an MVP! For all other MVP's friend who's name is not in the farewell list, this simply means that there status has been renewed.. SO Congrats again.


Anil Kumar Pandey

Interview with DNS,

One of the leading .NET site in INDIA, is published my Interview in there site, as I am the Most Valuable Member (MVM) of the site for 3 years in a row. I shared some of my inner thoughts and details about the journey from starting days to the place where I am the top member of the site.

I hope you are gone like this interview. You can read it from here.

Please share what you like and what you dislike about me, this blog or about the .NET

Thanks All


Anil Kumar Pandey