Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5

Visual Studio 2015

Last week the Preview for Visual studio 2015 for Community user is released. Multiple innovative Ideas and featured has been included in it. Which include update in ASP.Net as well. I have tried to summarize some of the Key feature for this CTP release. Some of the key features are listed below.
  1. UI Debugging  :       There are 2 new tools are added for XAML UI debugging named as
    1.  Live Visual Tree
            This feature allows us to view the complete visual tree while we are debugging a code. We can select any element from the visual tree and use the live property to view respective property of that control or element.
    1.  Live Property Explorer
This feature enables us view the property of the element in XAML while we are debugging the code. We can set some changes immediately and can view the effect.
  1. Single Sign On :      This is mainly deals when we are using any cloud environment for example either for our data base or our code base. In this situation we would require to sign on all the application. With this new Single Sign On feature the single signing in in application will allows us smooth access for all our application and environments.

  1. CodeLense :            This is a very interesting tool added in VS 2015, with the help of CodeLense we can any time check the History or version of our C++, SQL and JavaScript file, while we are working on the Editor. The Information related to work items associated with code in TFS can also be viewed with this.

  1. Code Maps:             Maps are the best way to navigate among the dependency for the code. With this feature you can jump between them quickly and even can drag drop, create links between them. You can show or hide code elements on a map based on their category, as well as group code elements by solution folders, assemblies, namespaces, project folders, and types.

  1. Diagnostic Tools:  The Improvement for the Diagnostic tool debugger is done  with 64 bit Windows store app and zoom for most recent event break.

  1. Exception Settings:          The exception related settings can be done using this tool which will not impact in the code and will improve the performance.

7.     Java script Editor:                          As requested earlier there will be a Java script editor which will allows us to use the TASK LIST feature  and the more advanced Intellisence will be available.

  1. Unit Test:                 The improvement towards the Unit testing side is also done. Now we can create Parameterized Unit test means there will be an API available for test data generation and correcting the properties. The Library for this is Microsoft.Pex.Framework.  The Context menu Smart Unit Test will be available.
Along with that the “Create Unit Text” context menu will also be available which will improve the performance by faster addition of test class or test stub.

  1. Android Emulator:            The Emulator will come up with some additional features like  Android 4.3 and 4.4. Along with that the IOS 6, 7 and 8 will also be supported.  Windows Mobile 8.1 will also be supported.

  1. Mobile Development for Cross platform:                Now Visual studio can be used to create mobile application for across the platform with a single solution only.  Android Lollipop API, Android Logcat support is added, using which we can search log message, scroll messaged, can clear previous message and move between various log levels.  We will also get precompiled headers in the template.

  1. ASP.NET :     various new enhancement are done in ASP.NET as well like Run and Debug setting are now captured in debugSetting.jsonIntellisense is more advanced, lot new API templates, Windows PowerShell script can be used and customized for ASP.NET 5. And the long required debugging option for debugger window for LAMBDA expression.

I hope you will enjoy these features. Microsoft has request the community members to use the Windows 2015 and provide there valuable suggestion and feedback along with reporting option for Bug if at all any you find while using visual studio 2015.  You can download the Visual Studio 2015 from the below location. Download.  Please provide your suggestion for the above article and please feel free to share your comments and any question if you are having.