Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Social Networking from Microsoft

Microsoft has also come up with a new website for social networking. Name given to it is
This site has been lunched without any promotion but making the impact on the social networking significantly. The site currently provide option to log in using the FACE BOOK or windows Live ID. This unique site has multiple features from content search sharing to video sharing. I hope this site will become one of the major interests among people.

Here are some of the features this site is providing

* Share Your Search:
                                        With you can share your search and help others discover what they might be looking for. Fun commentary & discussions usually follow.

* Discover New Interests
                                              What are you interested in? At you can find new interests and connect with like-minded people. The topics you care about are waiting for you.

* Start a Video Party
                                            Doing things with others is a fun part of Start a video party on any topic and chat with your friends
And much more.

We can GO Social with this just like other sites, learn something new and can share your thoughts and idea’s using this. Here is the URL 

 Please share your comments on this. happy Networking. Cheers!!!

Anil Kumar Pandey
Microsoft MVP, Microsoft MCC,DNS MVM