Tuesday, September 23, 2014


With  Visual Studio 2013, the Application or  project type to choose for creating a web application is not there. There is now only one web project type in Visual Studio. Called ASP.net Web application

Now Once you select this You will come up with multiple option to select with. This is simply give a feeling that every thing is combined to one. There are sub option which you are choose as per your requirement.

Here You can see multiple Sub project option or the ready made scaffolding.

Empty :         Template will come with a project solution on .

Web form :    For traditional Web Form application.

MVC :           Scaffolding for MVC application with inbuilt folders of Model, View and controller.

Web API:       Scaffolding for WEB API, powerful way of handling resource or service.

Single Page : For application having a single page it can be a static or dynamic page but with a single page.

Facebook:    Scaffolding for social networking application like Facebook. 

Now  for this Entire application structure we can have a single authentication option this can be selected suign the Authentication option available in this scaffolding  option. Check the image below.

There are multiple option are available like

No Authentication

Individual User Account

Organisation Account

Windows Authentication

Its now become a part of complete package where all the type are inbuilt a single option called ONE ASP.NET.

Hope you all have got a idea that what is One ASP.NET. Please feel free to provide your comment on the same.

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Anil Kumar Pandey
Microsoft MVP, Microsoft MCC, DNS MVM