Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Web Matrix 2

WebMatrix is a free and lightweight web development tool. You can easily Create, publish, and maintain your own website using Web matrix.

1   Open Source Tool:- You can configure any open source tool in web matrix easily. A lot of open source tool are supported inside web matrix.

       2      Top Language Support:  you can make use of the top programming languges for creating website or application. For example ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, or HTML5 templates, and take advantage of the latest web standards, emerging standards (CSS3, HTML5), and popular JavaScript libraries such as JQuery.

3.    Cloud Support:- Many websites requires higher availability and scale, With WebMatrix, you can directly deploy your web sites to Windows Azure (Cloud Platform)  and enjoy full support for the new Windows Azure Web Sites. This will give us a great flexibility and support.

4.    Mobile Device Support : Many users now a days surf websites via smart phones, tablets, and other devices. It is important to create your websites not only for the desktop, but also for these new devices. WebMatrix has several integrated features that ease this task for developers. WebMatrix offers a variety of Mobile templates that work well on mobile devices and on the desktop. They are built using best practices for jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3. With these templates, you can create mobile-friendly websites in a matter of minutes.

5.    Community Support: You can write your own extension in the existing functionality thus making it available for the other community users. There is no restriction at all. you're wondering how your site would look on an iPhone, there’s an extension for that. You can browse for extensions and install them without ever leaving WebMatrix. You can quickly create and upload your extension to the Extension Gallery, where it will be available both online and from within our gallery inside WebMatrix.

6.    Database Support : Almost every websites use databases for storing data, users and other information. WebMatrix lets you work seamlessly with data across SQL Server, SQL Server Compact Edition (SQL CE) and MySQL. SQL CE is a lightweight, single-file database engine that can be copied easily alongside your code files. It’s integrated with WebMatrix, and allows you to build data-driven websites quickly.

7.    Developer Productivity: WebMatrix offers a rich editor designed for productive coding with auto completion, syntax highlighting, code collapsing, and code validation.

 You can download the Web Matrix from the below location. Download. These infromation are gathered from Microsoft site, For more information please visit the below Microsoft site http://www.microsoft.com/web/category/all.

Anil Kumar Pandey
Microsoft MVP, Microsoft MCC,DNS MVM