Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Report a Bug in VS2012

As we all know that Visual Studio 2012 Preview is released, this is still not the final version of the application so there are chances that you may bind a Bug in application. If in case you came across any bug that need to be sent to the Microsoft development team, so that this can be fixed in the final version of the application.

The Feed back for the visual studio bugs can be send very easily, the option to report a bug is present in the editor only, Just right click on the editor and you can  find the option to Report a Bug.

There is a nice article with more details and screen shots are availabe on the Microsoft Connect site.

Please make use of this URL to find out the process of reporting a bug. Microsoft Connect
By this we can help the visual studio 2012 team to present a bug free applciation that will make the developers life more easy.

Once you are done with all the steps the final screen of feedback will be as follows

Hope you will make use of the Microsoft Connect site to get more information on submitting a bug. Please provide your valuable comment on the same.

Anil Kumar Pandey
Microsoft MVP, Microsoft MCC, DNS MVM